Scott Spinella’s Life And Music

When I was a boy you held me so tight, You sat me down and said be strong my son,

Life has ups and downs you just can’t run.”

These are a few lines from the touching poem, “So far away” by Scott Spinella, for his mom, whom he really misses. You’ll find this and other touching poems on Scott Spinella’s Blog where he shares his life experiences.

Scott Spinella’s blog and poems give you an insight into his warm, kindhearted soul. You meet his creative side, the lyricist and musician that he is. His attachment to his parents and siblings come through the heartwarming poems he has posted on his Blog. You can feel his loneliness after his parents’ divorce, his love for his sister and mother in his poems.

Scott Spinella’s admiration for his dad clearly comes across in his blogs. His poem, “Always Friends” beautifully conveys the respect and camaraderie Scott shares with his dad, Mathew J. Spinella, the founder and president of CAPITOL CREDIT SERVICES, INC, since 1977. The company has an impeccable reputation as a Collection Agency for over 30 years. It currently has 18 employees and 2 state of the art offices. All work related to marketing and sales, is handled by Scott Spinella. The company strongly believes in values like Honesty and Ethics. The company is financially sound. This ensures prompt and timely remittances to the clients.

Scott Spinella is an image builder of the company and always does everything in the best interests of the company. Scott believes in following his dad’s footsteps. Business ethics and serving his clients effectively has become a way of life for him.These days Scott Spinella is busy with the launch of two new sites, namely and

But that’s just one side of Scott Spinella. Deep down in his heart lies a musician. He learn to play the guitar when he was 14 and has been playing since. In one of his blog posts Scott reveals his musical side and wanna be rock star ambitions. While still in high school, Scott and a bunch of friends and started a band called “WHITE LIGHTING” after spending a night getting drunk on moonshine. He finally realized this dream of his in 2002. Scott and his friend Jake Sylvester formed a band called Standin 8 Count. Check out Scott Spinella band page Scott has written the lyrics for some of the songs in their first CD they released together. Two of Scott’ Spinella’s songs written 20 years ago are a part of the CD. They are currently working on their second album.

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